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Go4Everyone: lesson 3 - Shibano Toramaru [9p] vs Kyo Kagen [9p]

We move to Japan this time and will discuss the first game from 61st Judan title competition from 7th March 2023

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Go4Everyone: lesson 3 -  Shibano Toramaru [9p] vs Kyo Kagen [9p]
Go4Everyone: lesson 3 -  Shibano Toramaru [9p] vs Kyo Kagen [9p]

Czas i lokalizacja

23 kwi 2023, 17:00 – 18:00 CEST

O wydarzeniu

Polish Go Game Educational Centre is launching a new project – Go4Everyone that will provide free online lessons for players of all levels. It is possible due to our sponsor, China Town.

In today's digital age, access to quality education has become more important than ever before. However, many people are unable to pursue their learning goals due to financial, geographical or other constraints. That's where our project comes in - we aim to provide free online lessons on a variety of subjects, making education accessible to all.

Our team is composed of three teachers: Stanisław Frejlak (1 pro), Oleksandr Yeroshkin (4 dan) and Paweł Kozioł (4 kyu), who are committed to creating an engaging and interactive learning experience for you.

Step 1) Register to learn about game of professionals that will be reviewed

Step 2) Receive a homework from Stanisław, our Professional, one week before lesson

Step 3) Answer on homework (can be joseki, middle-game, direction of play question) 

Step 4) Join class at our YouTube Channel , listen to feedback from our Professional   

Meantime - watch preparations short lessons from Oleksandr and Paweł, explaining from selected game wide range of subjects – from joseki to middle game sequences and other practical skills.  

Oleksandr will share topics for advanced players 

Paweł will cover topics for beginners

See you soon!

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